Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Don’t you want to be alive before you die?

It must be a Monday, it feels like it. I continue to be in a endless state of delirium, joy and stress. I recently get my results from dissertation: 86%. I wrote about Consumer Engagement in Online Social Media .The final result makes me really happy ♥ ❤  Howbeit, now is the most difficult project, my very last University Project. I still can't believe I will graduate on Twelve of July... Oh man! How time flies! The project is about R&D company, where I am coding an app (yep, I know how to write a piece code in Objective-C and makes it work!). I also want to print a 3D garment, hopefully I will have a chance to share photos of it with you all and talk about it in more details! Lastly, with a help of my dear friend I want to create a virtual model and catwalk show and animate it, to create a fully immersive experience. I really like idea about virtual Catwalk shows. Finger Crossed, I only have time till 16th of May! I really happy to see how all my sleepless nights and hard work coming together. I am beyond excited and feeling so blessed. 

Happy Sunday


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Isn’t it strange that we talk least about the things we think about most?

❝I have the deepest affection for intellectual conversations. the ability to just sit and talk. about love, life, anything, and everything.❞

If only I could write how much I missed blogging. This is my first new photo post since July. When I start working on full time basis, I have meet a lot of new faces and soon back to university responsibilities, my free time reduced to near-zero. For the last eight months my life was on the go 24/7. On Saturday I've submitted my dissertation about consumer engagement and online media and I can not even stress enough how much relieved I feel now. However there is still one more project to go! Wish me luck ❤︎ With this blog I aim to continue to improve and reach a certain level of capability with photography and writing. Allowing my brain to wander through myriad thoughts and weird places for more artistic vibes. For me inspiration can be found in the most unassuming places. Usually it could be found at a long walk, early morning, when sun breaks through the clouds and the silence float in the air. It is where somebody takes control of monitoring traffic. This creative brainstorming ideas, usually came while walking, recreating or perhaps working on other unrelated subject. This present how creative act came to be associated with 'divine inspiration for the illumination to be appear to be involuntary. I've watched a great video today from Ted Talk today from Shonda Rhimes- 'My year to saying yes to everything.' I really recommend you to watch it, at some point. We all need the hum but also, we all need the silence in order to charge the creative batteries...

From, where you wake up is a good place to start new adventure.
From the bottom of my Soy Chai Tea Latte 
Monic Dzej


Sunday, December 6, 2015

"Falsely Accused"

Hi sugar pies! ❤️ I am happy to share with you a series of images called "Focus on the past" If you follow me on social media channels like Facebook or Instagram, you will know how brave I was yesterday, when decided to cut my hair to super short (haha!) and color them into silvery color. 
However, these images were shoot back in February 2015 when I had possibly the longest hair in my entire life-time ^.^. Sunday morning alarm clock set up for 5 am, I was ready for new adventure! This was my first ever shoot inside a derelict building before and we did choose the most difficult one to enter. No pain no gain! HAHA :-)
This Vintage dress choices makes me fee like I was coming out of an episode of  the 60's TV drama
This old Town Hall was built in 1807 by Charles Watson and since at least 1997 to present, the building remains disused. In 2007, it was named by the Victorian Society as one of their top ten buildings most at-risk.  We have shoot inside for about 3 and half hour and despite fighting with the cold inside  this old stone building  (but, of course, I am not a woman to be swayed by the weather), we managed to complete a set of four images.  
Hope you enjoy these as much as I loved working on the shoot with this A-team!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Writing is the only thing that left for me to feel better.....

Does fashion makes sense... Of course no!  Fashion Tend to reflect the cultural moment or the mind set and makes it digestible to the masses. It doesn't make sense when takes too seriously! The creativity, self expression, it is the fact that you can create something from scratch and that people will want to wear it and love it ^.^   Let's Face the truth, fashion is just a cheap version of beauty, it is just a bit of a shortcut to beauty and that what doesn't make sense. ... What else??? doesn't make sense The fashion industry sells us easily (thanks to social media) a disconnect message you are not happy (or you shouldn't be!) as you don't have as many shoes, dresses etc etc! Because of this, we buy so many things >insert tired face< but keep so little of them. We should buy a few select pieces (good quality not forget to mention) and want to keep them for as long as we can. Not, buy as much as we can and use them for as little as we can... Sustainability, have you heard this word? If not get it down on paper and stick on the wall over your bed on cork-board... 
Did you know if we all extend the use of our garment by 9 months we could save $8 billion a year on the cost of resources used to manufacture, launder and dispose of clothing.
Fashion is like story telling thing to me.  I produce my own little stories through this blog and I share them with this big world, Being crazy makes sense to fashion, not just mass producing clothes and luxury items. Being creative makes me really relaxed and thats what I Like about Fashion.  Freedom of expression makes sense....


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