Sunday, November 10, 2013


Clothes are the surest vehicle of self expression available to us.

Do you think fashion is influenced by consumer society?
"Yes, and it has been for years. We're led to believe that if we dress such and such a man or women, we will become in some way that person. We no longer dress because we are something but because we want to be something. Women have been convinced that they need to resemble such and such celebrity , but i'm like this, so i will damn well dress like this in the way they really should be thinking. Our society is heavily influenced by TV culture with its phony realities . People want to be famous, without doing the work. they think they can call themselves artist just because they they have taken a few photographs. Work is no longer recognized or acknowledged. I believe many people in my own generation have no idea what work even means"

Paris street style by Isabelle Thomas & Frederique Veysset
2013 Abrahams Image
Iinerview with Creator of the brand Heimstone.Alix Petit 

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