Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I’ll write to you. A super-long letter, like in an old-fashioned novel...

Happy Tuesday sweet pies!  So here we are, recently I team up with Finn fora  photo-shoot at Leeds City Town Hall. Feeling a little romantic during a warm morning. Thie Town Hall is located at the heart of this noisy and very busy city. But when you climb all the stairs up and get there, the atmosphere is changing suddenly into more quiet and peaceful even the wind flows more softly. Like the time  has stop for a moment. 
For someone who strongly believes the location of where your photos are taken is just as important as the clothes you’re wearing it always stresses me out having to find somewhere to shoot my outfits perfectly  For those who read my blog from time to time, knows that I love simple and classic silhouette. lean lines, a beautiful and flattering fit with a feminine flare  and quirkiness is exactly how I would like to dress for the next few years....

Nothing so consumes a person as meaningless exertion. - See more at: http://www.haruki-murakami.com/#sthash.dCLFPHqd.dpuf

"Now a narrative is a story, not a logic, nor ethics, nor philosophy. It is a dream you keep having, whether you realize it or not. Just as surely as you breathe, you go on ceaselessly dreaming your story."
- Haruki Murakami, Underground 

I love this quote so much and recently I have spent a majority of  my spare time reading his books.

Fro me Haruki Murakami is the David Lynch of literature; everything doesn t always make sense, but it's so compelling you can't stop listening or trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together!  Such is the case with Murakami's mind-bending Kafka on the Shore. I'm not going to describe the whole story plot here, cos I'm affraid it will be too long and I do not have that much time now. I was particularly impressed with the authors refusal to provide neat closure on all issues. Murakami knows that life is simply more complex than that and always leaves certain questions in his books unanswered. This along with the semi mystical world he has again conjured up make this book absolutely delightful to read.

I still reading his books in English language, but hopefully one day I going to be able to have a "proper read"  (still need to practice my Kanji and vocabulary, haha) Reading this book in Japan, Kyoto. The city the author was born in. On a boat. I guess that would be so cool :) I want to move to Tokyo after graduation day :) 

What I wear:
White Top: Ted Baker
Pants: Dickeybow butique
Blazer: H&M
Shoes: Lasocki
Socks: Top shop
Photography by: Finn Dudaniec Photography



  1. to jest żabot, czy kokarda u tej bluzki ;P?
    bo wcześnie jest, jeszcze mi się oczy kleją ;P

    w każdym razie - przepiękne zdjęcia.
    i zestaw!

    jesienny, ale jaki stylowy!

  2. Idealna sceneria do zdjec, pieknie! :)

  3. Lubię Leeds :)! heh fajnie że wpadłam do Ciebie, to mój pierwszy raz :) rozumiem zupełnie, ja też zwracam uwagę by wszystko pasowało. Chociaż czasem kontrast pomiędzy stylizacją a tłem, również tworzy interesujący zestaw :)
    Twoja stylizacja i stare miasto,to dobrana para :)
    Trzymam kciuki za Tokio :)

  4. Natural and beautiful poses, I'll hopefully get to work with you one day :)

  5. cudowne masz włosy ;) wyglądasz świetnie ;)

  6. Twoje wlosy to norlalnie cud świaata! Tylko pozazdrościć :)
    Ładnie Ci w takim koloże jak żakiecik.
    A skarpetki z falbanką świetnie uzupełniają cały zestaw.

  7. Dziekuje bardzo za odwiedziny na moim blogu i mily komentarz:) Cudowne masz wlosy i wygladsz bardzo ladnie w tym zestawie:) Pozdrawiam serdecznie:):)

  8. Stunning plaid pants with your teal shoes and burgundy blazer! And your hair is beautiful!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  9. I cannot comprehend why you would ever post a black-and-white photo of this outfit... the combination of the oxblood jacket and the teal shoes is divine!!! I never thought of combining those colors, and will definitely use this post as a color inspiration. And keep my eye out for suitable pieces!!!

  10. Wow! Pięknie wszystko razem połączyłaś. Wyszło bardzo, bardzo stylowo. Nieziemsko mi się podoba !


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