Saturday, December 27, 2014

Vintage Lookbook

Hello my loves, I hope you all had an absolutely fabulous time with your families around a delicious home cooked meal. Last night we had such a wonderfull surpise when snow starts to fall, here in UK. Snow just makes everything so magical, doesn’t it? ❄️❄️
Another year just ending,  it makes me feel that every year passes faster and faster. But the way time falls away like this, so constantly, so urgently, makes it all the more precious.
Thank you for all in 2014 😉 Here is the lookbook I shooted for Tiwi wardrobe Vintage few weeks ago. This looks we put together are completely different to my usual everyday style but I really enjoy putting it together. We shoot with Kinga and Tiwi at Leeds College of art studio and well it was a good fun :) 

Have people forgotten the fundamentals?  Today fashion is business model and no more? Buying pattern and behaviour has completely changed. For fashion houses what use to be luxury has become mass luxury. Clothes have become mere products to be marketed, yet marketing without a creative cell in the background is like a house without walls. As far as I'm concerned to follow the fashion is to be already out of fashion? Why should we adopt ourselves to the current era when we have the choice of being avant-garde or retro vintage instead? All these rigid rules about lengths, shapes and cuts are very 1960's  We want more exclusive things we want to rediscover ourselves, we dont want to be drowned in the massToday luckily the melting pot offers us more opportunities to be different. It is a matter of generosity and temperament, isn't it? 

 What I Wear:
Wardrobe and styling Tiwi Wardrobe
You can read her blog >here< For more styling and inspirations
and shop her wardrobe at etsy >here< 
Photos taken at Leeds College of Art by Kinga Kopacz
Model, Post-Editing: 



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