Monday, March 30, 2015

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Glassy Sky

On a morning like this, the quiet hum of miscellaneous things, small peeking of light through the window from the sun, and distant sounds of the middle of the week traffic. Everybody is rushing somewhere, and I'm still sleepy and idle in my cosy bed. When I wake up with that beautiful morning scent of freshly washed sheets and your hair somehow lingering in each inhale I take.  How this beautiful scent once brought peace of mind and a tiny smirk to begin a haunts and saddens me because it’s a morning I can never have it again. If Infinity exists, please, can I just live in my present moment? Sunrise, don’t rise.  So to make myself a bit more motivated I put Tchaikovsky Etude op. 40 on my speaker (yes, I one of these awkward people who actually enjoy listening to classical music in the morning,  ┐(・。・┐) ♪ ) my fingers start moving with the melody and my head tries to visualise the music notations. OK it is time to wake up and drink the first coffee. 

Today blogpost look was shoot at Leeds Clarence Dock, this area was so empty despite we shoot this look on Saturday at 12 o'clock; since the new shopping mall has opened on the other side of the city centre and all of the shops just automatically moved there or just get closed because of low footfall. The general ambience was pretty peaceful.  It was a rainy day with golden sunshine.  

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