Monday, March 30, 2015


Spring has finally sprung. And although it does not exactly feel like it’s in the air (since it’s been in the 40ºF lately), it has arrived — and that means …  more time day-dreaming outside around blooming flowers ❤️‍ Today, I was walking home in my flowery dress listening already to my Spring time playlist while rain was gently falling, and I sensed a cruel but beautiful irony that made me feel very peaceful, the reflection of sun rays bring me to realize that life is a long trip.

& Let me say that aloud, british weather have a tendency for schizophrenia between breathtakingly crisp, clear days, and bone-chilling downpour, but mostly very much a wet weather all year round...  This is another photoshoot favourite location- Yorkshire Sculptures Park, favourite place for coffee and art lovers, full of visual  craftsmanship, and beautiful landscapes the whole scene is washed in deep blue, green, and bronzes. I can definitely see what the Impressionist movement saw. And it’s quite magical. I should picnic inYSP more often....


Monday, March 23, 2015

My Modern Cinderella Story...

I'm pretty excited about the premiere of Cinderella in UK on 27th March. From the trailer and promotional posters I can say that the setting and costumes  look beautiful so this makes me even more excited! I'm a complete sucker for happy ending stories~  Have you seen the movie yet, what is your final thoughts on it? So here is mine version of Cinderella, I went for a shoot in Burnley Park for a Olivia project, she managed to organize and photograph different Disney characters for her University assigment, pretty awesome! You can check more of her characters here-> >click<
The Fun fact: when we were shooting, all of the kids from the playground came to see me and were screeming "Elza is here", haha I guess they didn't watch the old animated Cinderella story but they automatically connote the blue dress to the Frozen main character :)



Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Glassy Sky

In a morning like this, the quite hum of a miscellaneous things, small peeking of light through the window from the sun, and distant sounds of middle of the week traffic. Everybody is rushing somewhere, and I'm still sleepy and idle in my cozy bed.When I wake up with that beautiful morning scent of freshly washed sheets and your hair somehow lingering in each inhale I take.  How this beautiful scent once brought peace of mind and a tiny smirk to begin a haunts and saddens me because it’s a morning I can never have it again. If Infinity exist, please, can I just live in my present moment? Sunrise, don’t rise.  So to make myself a bit more motivated I put Tchaikovsky etude op. 40 on my speaker (yes, I one of these awkward people who actually enjoy listening to classical music in the morning, but yes I do listen mainstream music, sometimes  ┐(・。・┐) ♪ ) my fingers start moving with the melody and my head tries to visualise the music notations, Ok it is time to wake up and drink first coffee. 

Today blogpost look was shoot at Leeds Clarence Dock, this area was so empty despite we shoot this look on Saturday 12 o'clock; since the new shopping mall has opened on the other side of city centre and all of the shops just automatically moved there or just get closed because of low footfall. The general ambiance was pretty peaceful.  It was a rainy day with  golden sunshine.  For today look I wore a fluffy collar bought at Asda, george as I went to buy a milk for my Tea (Yes, in Britain people drink Tea only with a milk) during my working hours and because I so desperately didn't want to get back quickly to the office and all the lovely excel tables, I decided to grasp a look around the shop and Boom). Another factor of this look are Top shop Moto jeans. I’ve been living in these skinny as hell, for the past week – after having lounged about in boyfriend jeans for the past few months, skinnies are making me feel refreshingly confident.
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