Monday, April 27, 2015

I Am The Highway

I couldn’t be happier to try something different and push my boundaries as a Fashion Blogger.  I toy with minimalism once in a while. The power of clean lines, of ‘just’ the right amount of clothing on an equally formidable personality can be intimidating sometimes... 

My blog for me is a journey through the  fashion and photography world.  I have always believed in constantly evolving, learning and getting better at the things I do.  I had the privilege of working with the very talented Richard Hardwick on this photoshoot. I've created this post for a lovelybrand called EliteFashion99. I paired thieir lovely checqued pants with my sheer Versace shirt which I bought at a vintage shop long time ago. This is the first post of my 4 post series should I call them "fifty shades of grey" haha, nah but I hope you will enjoy it.  I feel a bit of a change coming on. If only in small measures...


Thursday, April 23, 2015


Hi sugar pies! 
I'm still waiting for the photos from my big photoshoot to be ready to go and publish (If you follow me on instagram or facebook you'll see small sneak peek) But meanwhile, I feel this place look quite abandoned and need more love, so I will post a quick update with a small photoshoot I did for Michelle for her University assignment ^^ It is a bit unusuall project for me and I hope you will take this with a pinch of salt. Fashion is supposed to be fun.  Have a great day!

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