Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Writing is the only thing that left for me to feel better.....

Does fashion makes sense... Of course no!  Fashion Tend to reflect the cultural moment or the mind set and makes it digestible to the masses. It doesn't make sense when takes too seriously! The creativity, self expression, it is the fact that you can create something from scratch and that people will want to wear it and love it ^.^   Let's Face the truth, fashion is just a cheap version of beauty, it is just a bit of a shortcut to beauty and that what doesn't make sense. ... What else??? doesn't make sense The fashion industry sells us easily (thanks to social media) a disconnect message you are not happy (or you shouldn't be!) as you don't have as many shoes, dresses etc etc! Because of this, we buy so many things >insert tired face< but keep so little of them. We should buy a few select pieces (good quality not forget to mention) and want to keep them for as long as we can. Not, buy as much as we can and use them for as little as we can... Sustainability, have you heard this word? If not get it down on paper and stick on the wall over your bed on cork-board... 
Did you know if we all extend the use of our garment by 9 months we could save $8 billion a year on the cost of resources used to manufacture, launder and dispose of clothing.
Fashion is like story telling thing to me.  I produce my own little stories through this blog and I share them with this big world, Being crazy makes sense to fashion, not just mass producing clothes and luxury items. Being creative makes me really relaxed and thats what I Like about Fashion.  Freedom of expression makes sense....

“You cannot judge an artist for their work. The act of making art is the act of bringing a feeling, a thought, or an urge to life. The artist is simply the muse. 

An artist, simply put, is nothing more than the expression of life.”

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Picture: Keith  Gardner  

*If you follow my Facebook page, you will know I went to the Social Media Conference on 11th of November in London. The Social Media Post is still under construction. I will share my thoughts and info as soon as I finish writing...  Thanks ^.^

Dress: Ericdress Similar styles here-> >click<
Shoes: Ebay
Hat: River Island



  1. Uroczo wygladsz w tej sukience, Moniko! Jest taka sliczna i romantyczna i bardzo Ci ona pasuje :)

    Pozdrawiam serdecznie:)

  2. Pierwsze dwa zdjęcia to jakaś totalna magia! A sukienki Ci szczerze zazdroszczę, ma piękny krój i jest szalenie kobieca :)

  3. Magiczne zdjęcia, bardzo ładnie! :)

  4. So beautiful!



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